Dr Anish Dua

An Academic, An Author, A Practitioner and A Life-coach

Professor Dr Anish Dua, M Sc M Phil PhD

Department of Zoology

Guru Nanak Dev University


Dr Anish Dua is a Professor of Environmental Biology in the Department of Zoology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar since 1995 (24 years) and is engaged in Teaching, Research & Administration.
In addition to many administrative and coordination roles He has to his credit over 25,000 hours of formal classroom teaching, research guidance and mentoring of post graduate and doctorate students.
Dr Dua has had his degrees in higher education from Panjab University Chandigarh and for his school he studied in a Govt school in Sundernagar, in Distt Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

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A Spiritual Seeker associated with the Art of Living since 2003 (16 Years) he has reached out to many thousands across the world. He is sharing, inspiring and training people to actualise their potential through seminars & training programmes. His ability to connect with people across all social strata from grassroots level to strategists and corporate leaders is something that is unique and exhibits excellence. In this domain Dr Dua has extended over 3500 hours of formal guidance on life skills to people from all parts of the world.

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An Author writer who has many dozens of writings to his credit that range from specialised scientific research in the field of environment to being an expert on different aspects of Life, Dr Dua writes extensively in specialised journals, newspapers, and social media portals.

A Public Speaker who has over 20 years of acumen in public speaking and has conducted himself fearlessly from the stage, he can captivate audience with his powerful voice, diction and expression in all three languages viz., Hindi, Punjabi and English.

A committed citizen who lives his Social responsibility not as an occasional activity but with a sense of urgency, Dr Dua expends every day his resource for the social cause. He does it in the field of human values, environmental protection, for the cause of girl child, dealing with HIV-AIDS related issues and also against the drug-addiction.He has taken his voice of concern to various local, state, National and International fora including 3 times in United Nations offices.

Born in a family where values are always lived first than the mundane-opportunities, his octogenarian father is a retired Govt officer whose honesty is his first signature and his Late mother was a teacher in a true sense, and she came from a family that contributed its blood & sweat for the cause of freedom of India. Dr Dua lives on the University Campus in Amritsar with his father, wife and daughter.

Dr Dua through his teachings writings and charismatic speeches has inspired many across the world today and has had an impact that is significant. He is well embedded in the society through his continuous work and is a powerful leader who is inspiring many to live life meaningfully. Know him more and get inspired through his books.